Hot Springs Bison Athletics Hall of Fame completes Woodward Field Bench Seating

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After installing 15 rows of seating in the center of the grandstand a couple of years ago, the Hall of Fame last month paid for the installation of 10 more rows in both the visitor and student sections in the north and south ends of the grand stand at Woodward Field.


By Brett Nachtigall


HOT SPRINGS – Thanks to a fundraising effort that began following the creation of the Hot Springs Bison Athletics Hall of Fame in 2015, the Woodward Field seating project is now complete at Hot Springs High School.

Late last month, crews installed the final rows of bench seating in both the visitor section and the student section of the grandstand, allowing for 10 more rows of aluminum bench seating on both sides. The benches do not go all the way to the top of the grandstand, which still allows for more open seating options towards the top for those who still prefer to bring lawn chairs or blankets to spread out.

After raising about half the funds needed to do the project, the Hot Springs Bison Athletics Hall of Fame, began the construction project towards the end of 2017, when they arranged for 15 rows of seating to be installed in the center of the grandstand. The first 10 rows include blue backs, with the top five rows featuring benches only. 

The price tag for the first phase of the project was $22,460, which was made possible entirely by donations from various alumni, local businesses and other interested individuals, which includes the selling of recognition plaques affixed to the bleachers themselves.

To finish the project, the Hall of Fame, led by fundraising chairman Quinten Hofer, then raised an additional $24,952 which covered the cost of the second and final phase completed on Oct. 21-22.

While the bench seating project is completed, the Hot Springs Bison Athletics Hall of Fame is currently considering new projects to take on that will assist the school and their athletic teams. In order to help fund these new projects, the Hall of Fame is still able to sell recognition plaques on the current seating. 

These recognition plaques can be purchased to show support of Bison athletics, promote one’s business, or memorialize a loved one, with all of the funds going to support a future project of the Hot Springs Bison Athletics Hall of Fame.

For more information on how to financially support the Hall of Fame and their next project, contact Quinten Hofer by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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